I have been an Architectural Residential Design Drafter for homebuilders and homeowners in the Louisville Metro and Southern Indiana areas since 1995. I have designed more than one-thousand custom homes and room additions during my career. These homes have been true custom homes in that they were each designed to my customers' specifications. The original plans for these homes were given to the customer and not resold time and time again as is often the case with other home designers. Because my customers' homes are unique, they can truly call them their own.

A custom home is not only an amazing work of art, but also a gathering place for your family and friends that truly reflects your style. Your home provides security and a comfortable place to relax after a long day. It's the backdrop for your photographs and its walls mark the speed at which your children grow. I understand how important it is to design a home that will not only provide a lifetime of safety and security, but also act as a vessel for you to fill with many years of laughter and love. A home is the single largest investment a family can make so it is important to have a home designed by someone who understands that. Choosing the right home designer is an important step to ensuring you construct the home of your dreams.